last week coming up!

Jeez, this is harder than I thought.

The cure is going really well, but it’s just nog finding its way to the blog. So here comes a report of where I am at the moment, some pictures of the progress and from now on there will be more frequent posting on the blog, because it’s so frustrating to have tons of stuff you want to write about, but at the same time not wanting to write a novel about it…

here we go:

The new fridge/freezer has arrived and we love it! its bigger, gives a better overlook of what we have in it and it has a lamp that actually works!


The old one, small, noisy and no light.


Then the new one arrived and i was so happy!


And when it was installed and filled with food I was (and still am) even more happy! Just look at the light!

I’ve also been sorting through my important-papers-cabinet and got rid of A LOT of junk that I’ve been holding on to for no good reason at all, papers upon papers filled with account numbers (at least three for every account) old tax papers and insurance policies with no keep-value what so ever, bills from five years ago… yeah you get it. I needed a clean out!

I even had my cure gathering allready! Since it was my birthday yesterday i decided to make some tasty cakes (I may have spent a little over four hours in the kitchen, but it sure was fun!), made a nice bubbly punch, lots of coffee and decorated with balloons. I invited friends and family, put on some music and had a fabulous 26th birthday!


Birthday lady!


This raspberry mousse cake with liquorice jelly was a real beauty.


And this chocolate thing hid a yummy red velvet cace with blood orange cream inside <3



We only got two tiny pieces left after the guests went home, so I guess the cakes were popular. I know I loved them anyway! So, now we’ll keep on curing the last week and then… well… there will be a lot more space in my inbox! ;)

I’ll be back sooner this time, I promise!


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