Time flies and the kitchen gets cleaner

Ok, I’m not doing very good on the daily blogging part of this cure, but the rest is working just fine! Here’s a little report of what’s been going on since the last time I wrote.

Assignment #6 – Prep artwork for frame and display

Since most of the art in our home already is painted or photographed by us, the art project will be, instead of finding a frame for some artwork, finding some artwork for a frame. We have a huge picture of some yellow flower in the bathroom, it’s the only picture that is not even remotely chosen with care. Just put there in lack of better things to hang on the wall. This month we will find something we love to put in that frame instead!

Assignment #7 – Flowers, Kitchen cleaning and organizing, Making a meal

The kitchen cleaning… oh is it nice to have it done, but it was a bigger project than I thought! The pantry was full of spices, dried powders of you name it and bags with almost nothing in them. The oven had stains that needed some intense scrubbing and the drawers really needed to get organized. It felt really good to have a kitchen purge and get rid of all that stuff that never gets used, like the water boiler and the maca powder for example. Here comes a before and after from the pantry, we cleared up a lot of space!




After! :)

So this weekend has been all about purging, organizing and scrubbing. It was so worth it, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the cure. So the flowers and the cooking then? Well the flowers of the week are some fresh white tulips and I may or may not have bought a pair of scissors as well, just because i fell in love with them.


Just beautiful

The cooking part of the challenge wasn’t really a challenge since we close to always cook our own meals, but we chose a new recipe and tried it out. The result was a soft and sweet beet soup with aioli and crispy bacon. And the color, it could brighten any boring grey day with it’s lovely deep shade of pink!


Beet soup from heaven!

Love, C


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