Seeing your home for real


My blog-spot, painting-spot and lazy-spot and the place most likely to find me if not in the kitchen

As I told you on sunday, we went out looking for a new fridge/freezer for our kitchen and yesterday we ordered it. So next thursday the y will deliver it, carry it up the stairs AND take the old one with them, still for a lower price than if we bought it in store. Guess who’s a happy girl? Can’t wait to finally get it! :)



The cure then, how are we doing? Well, the floors were spotless on monday and then yesterday we decided to take down all the holiday decor and *poof* there were glitter and dust all over, vacuuming again today. The assignments of this week went rather smooth, the 10 mindful minutes made me realize a few things about our bedroom, like how much I really want bedside lamps and that it’s about time to get a proper desk ( I know, no office in the bedroom, but we have to have a cat free zone for studying!) instead of using my old kitchen table, even though it’s rather small. To really see my home instead of just looking at it was a really nice thing that should be done more often, so useful!

As outboxing goes, we need to find a good box for it, but right now we use a big bag in the closet to collect stuff for a future flea market sale, it’s amazing how much stuff that never gets used! I really like the idea of an outbox so I’ll get it started up as soon as possible.

Now we just have to wait for the next assignment, zip our hot beverages and enjoy the fresh flowers. Oh yeah, and go grocery shopping…

Love, C



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