Celebrating good times


Bubbles, glittter straws and flowers, what better way to celebrate?

First things first: I got in! I applied for a distance course in visual communication in photography and i got in! Yaaay! So excited it’s insane. No really, can’t stop smiling and giggling.

With that said, the latest assignment from AT was kind of a no brainer. As i wrote in the last post, we ordered a fridge/freezer and it will arrive on the 16th, the day that, according to the cure calendar, will be assigned to working on your goal project and today was the day to choose a goal project. It’s supposed to be something that can be completed this month, will make a noticeable difference in our home and that we proudly could share. So our goal project is to install the new piece of lovely coldness and, just like Eleanor, change the side of the door swing!

There will be some lovely before and after photos coming up next week :)

Love, C


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