Flower power!


Today we went to look at some new fridge/freezer and fell a little bit in love with one of siemens larger models. It’s 2 m high and the freezer part has a no frost function, another good thing is that it is extremely energy effective, that’s got to give some points in becoming an environmentally friendly home. Now we just have to figure out where they can give us the best price!

As we had some time to kill before the bus would arrive to get home we took the opportunity to buy some flowers. My favorite is to buy a mixed bouquet for a reasonable price and then make smaller arrangements to spread around he apartment. Result in the pic above :)

Tomorrow is laundry day and floor cleaning day, not overly eager, but it has to be done! Especially washing the couch cover, it has become a more grey-ish white than it’s supposed to.

Love, C


One thought on “Flower power!

  1. Haha, yes, looking at my list I realized you were right, it’s really not short. Oops. Did make some progress over the weekend though and yes, floors were clean on Sunday. Day later you better don’t look at the entry… oh well.

    Loved the idea of a magnetic key holder, that could also double as note holder for those important reminders as you head out the door. Will be looking into that, thanks!

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