Time to go green on both decorations and cleaners!


Pelargonium, the only flowers my cats don’t eat!

For the weekend we got a whole bunch of assignments to do. Since i get the mails in the afternoon thanks to time differences I’ve decided to push all assignments one day ahead to get the same amount of time as the rest of you on the cure!

  1. Buy fresh flowers – I’m saving this for tomorrow since I bought fresh flowers the day before new years eve and they still look fresh. Sundays will be my flower days!
  2. Vacuum all the rugs and clean ALL the floors! – Today I started my floor cleaning tour in the walk-in closet and the bedroom. First of all I had to make the food in the closet visible, it resulted in a big bag of garbage and another to go to “garage”-sale. It’s amazing what a bit of cleaning can do for your wellbeing, I feel kind of… free! It still itches in my nose though from all the dust i whirled up on the way. Now I just have the rest of the rooms and the mopping to take care of.
  3. Stock up on good green cleaners – Ok, I really, really like this green cleaning idea, but I also don’t like the idea of throwing away all the cleaners they we already  do have at home. So I’m making this more of a month long assignment to look for and buy me some good green options for the future cleaning in our cured home! :)

Now it’s time for an evening at work and to take on more rooms again tomorrow. If any of you have some awesome tips for green cleaners (remember, not living in the states!) I would love it if you shared it!

Love, C


One thought on “Time to go green on both decorations and cleaners!

  1. I like Ecover, seems like they’re widely available. I’ve tried some of their stuff. What works for me is paring down and avoiding the really harsh cleaners – meaning, we clean a lot with simple things such as vinegar, green all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing soap and soda. I never replaced most of the special cleaners, that freed up a lot of space, too. All the best from Germany!

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