Day #1: The list of things i’ve been ignoring lately


Okay, so the first assignment of the cure arrived yesterday afternoon (Swede-time), it was time to make a to-do list, not any list but the BIG to-do list of our home. It turned out to be more stuff on the list than I initially  imagined and quite a few do cost some money, so when sorting out the things to do for the cure we had to consider costs as well as the time that would be needed.  There was a lot of wall-painting on the list, but that will have to wait until summer.

The main goal will be to fix the little things that we think about regularly but never seem to get done. for example fixing the door handle to the balcony or polishing up the mottled doorstep to the bathroom. Tiny details that make a big difference.

So, here’s the list after sizing it down to a january list:

Living room:

  • Fixing the broken door handle to the balcony.
  • Style up the cat bed (its an old wine box with a blanket in it) with some fancy fabric.
  • Dust the nostalgia-shelf, it’s full of old tech, slinyks, rubric’s and alike, it really needs a clean-out!


  • Find some pretty hooks and hang them on the wall for a place to hang my bags.


  • Buy some good looking plastic film and put it over the glass doors of the make up cabinet
  • Clean the ventilation (ugh!)
  • polish and oil the doorstep


  • Buy that new fridge/freezer that I got the money for as a christmas present
  • Polish and re-paint the bottom of the upper cabinets
  • Install floor under the stove (the last owners apparently decided it was too much work to take the stove out and install floor there as well)
  • Attach the floor ledge next to the bedroom door
  • look for a new tray to put the cat bowls on


  • Find a new pot for the plant
  • attach the loose doorstep
  • buy thicker curtains that can keep out the light from the street lamps
  • Purge/organize/paint/redo the walk in closet

That closet make over is the biggest and most frightening task on my list, even though we actually have all the materials and tools already. But it’s definitely time, I’ve been wanting to do this since i moved in about three years ago!

Dear house hold gods, please give me the strength to complete this cure without losing momentum!

Love, C


One thought on “Day #1: The list of things i’ve been ignoring lately

  1. wow, that’s quite a list. Wishing you luck on it, I’m sure it’ll make a huge difference to get these things done. Found you through your comment on ATs weekend assignment and will be following you here. I wish I had the energy to post about The Cure daily! Oh, and it looks like we have similar cats. Haven’t tried pelargonium as a houseplant, but I’ll keep that in mind.

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