The journey begins

Okay, here we go.

I may have some tiny issues with letting go of stuff, not that I get overly attached to things, it’s more of a “this-could-become-handy-one-day” kind of problem. And I’m a piler, you know, the kind of person who tosses everything (especially clothes and jewelry!) in non-organized piles on the couch, bed, chair, floor, you name it…  But a little over a month ago i found this lovely website called Apartment Therapy. As I zipped on my coffee and read through page after page of organizing tips, cleaning tips and stories of people with decluttered and cozy homes I suddenly felt the need to become one of those people! Just like that.

I want to have a home that brings a peace of mind and time to do all the creative stuff that I always wish I had the time and room for, like painting, knitting, recipe-creating or just dive in to an origami folding spree! A home to which I can have friends over on short notice without having to do the full out panic-cleaning first (i.e. throwing all the clutter into nearest  cupboard)

So, my first step of action was to have a mini marathon of videos from this 20/20 home cure and getting through most of it in a few days. Since then I’ve been trying to keep on top of all the household chores and not letting them take over my home again. Doing pretty good even though the piling in the bedroom is still a rather big issue.

Now I’m taking it one step further and joining the January Cure on Apartment Therapy. That means one task each day for the entire month. I even got my boyfriend in on it and can’t wait to get started! I will try to write a little something about the tasks every day, or when I find the time.

Lazy day on the couch

See you soon!


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